This Foundation started in 2012, we hope that the events we host not only bring awareness to certain cancers but also raise funds for research and families battling this horrible disease.

In Memory of Margo Bassett and Joseph Pugh gone too soon.

To host an event with us feel free to reach out.

Margo Bassett
Joseph Pugh

Friends of LBS:

Evelyn Pugh

Ariane Rawanduzy

Darien M. Stone

Cordelia Donovan

Nicole M. Tucker

Dee Jones

Rae Gregory

Monique Henry-Hudson

Mercedes Addison Lewis

Briya Murray

Meet the LBS Top Models:

Shermain Jeremy  l  Ayan Elmi  l  Krystal Garner

Meet our talented LBS Top Models – Shermain Jeremy (pictured left), Ayan Elmi (pictured above), and Krystal Garner. These individuals bring a unique blend of beauty, grace, and confidence to the runway. With their captivating presence and dynamic personalities, they are helping to raise awareness and support for those affected by cancer. Join us in recognizing the hard work and dedication of these top models, as they help us bring attention to this important cause.

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